Next Steps for MyNEARWallet: A Call for Maintainers

Learn how to submit a proposal to become a maintainer of MyNEARWallet.
2023-02-22 UPDATE:  Thanks to the thorough review done by the Wallet Standards Work Group experts, we’ve selected the Meteor Wallet team as the maintainer for the MyNEARWallet project.



MyNEARWallet is transitioning to the stewardship of DeveloperDAO and is being offered to the NEAR community to maintain and evolve. We invite the community to submit their proposals to become the maintainer of MyNEARWallet.

Requirements for chosen maintainer:

  • MyNEARWallet has to maintain a wallet on the same domain.
  • The MyNEARWallet codebase remains open source, since the wallet is used actively in the developer community and is closely integrated with NEAR developer tools.

Deliverables to chosen maintainer:

  • MyNEARWallet Codebase
  • Domain Name
  • AWS Infrastructure Accounts
  • Cloudflare Account
  • List of security requirements and concerns detailing a comprehensive security review with open issues that must be addressed

The Wallet work group will review these proposals and post an Attestation to their chosen proposal. We can have a security team do a separate review of security ops of the applicant and post their attestation if they pass. After the DevDAO makes the selection, the Wallet Builder group primarily will supervise the work.

Bidding Process

To bid, please reply with a solution to the the post by Friday, January 27, 2023, 24:00 UTC. In your proposal, please include the following information.

Your Team

  1. What’s your company name, location, and the point of contact?
  2. Could you tell us about your team's background and track record?
  3. How long has your team been working together?
  4. How large is your team? How many developers/engineers?
  5. What kinds of work/projects do you specialize in? What kinds of work/projects have you worked on in the NEAR ecosystem and/or the Blockchain space?
  6. What's your familiarity/experience working with open source projects? Web3 projects?
  7. What are your technical capabilities? Specifically what languages/stacks/services do you have expertise in (including frontend, backend, mobile, and cloud)?
  8. How do you handle QA and testing?
  9. What are your non-technical capabilities? Do you have in-house design, UX/UI? Project management? Customer support? Other services?

The MyNEARWallet Roadmap and Product Vision

  1. Could you provide a go-to-market and product roadmap for MyNEARWallet in an outline format. In that roadmap, please detail your target roadmap for MyNEARWallet:

    a. Short term, 3 months
    b. Medium term, 1 year
    c. Long term, 2-3 years
  2. What is your plan to address the most critical security items? ‍

Selection Process

DeveloperDAO reviews the proposals and will post an Attestation to their chosen team by Friday, February 10, 2023. The DeveloperDAO will also select a runner-up in case the primary bidder does not pass KYC.

Funding Process

DeveloperDAO selects the team, determines funding, and supervises the funding distribution process in accordance with the team meeting all requirements. Please note that the chosen team will need to go through KYC to receive funding allocation.

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